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May. 21st, 2013


Photostream on Flickr!

Come check out my newest photostream over at Flickr! http://www.flickr.com/photos/k_albano_photography/

If you have a Flickr account, you can add me up too :)

Peace out.

Dec. 15th, 2011


Teach them a lesson, one taxi driver at a time.

It has happened before. Twice? Three times? Probably more than ten times already. But every time they happen, I somehow let them pass. Perhaps I was in my merciful mood. But yesterday was different.

The skies were dark. An impending rain was about to strike down. The weather was horribly humid. The line for the cab was chaotic. One woman who just got there even had the nerve to flag down a cab ahead than the rest of us poor law-abiding frogs. I'd wanted to tell her, "Lady, there's a f*cking line!" but she just went too fast. Ten minutes and I'd be late for work. Then came the cab for me and I hopped in.

It was going all too well when the driver suddenly swerved to the opposite direction of my destination. "Why are you going this way? My route's not here," I asked. "Well it's the same," he reasoned out. That ruptured the aneurysm of my patience (and goodwill. Whatever). So to make the story short, along the way to work (it was hell of a traffic day) I was trying hard not to let go of my temper. But it did anyway. When we arrived at my destination, I slapped him the moolah in his hand and snapped, "NEXT TIME, YOU LISTEN TO YOUR PASSENGERS WHAT THEY WANT AND NOT YOURS!" as I slammed the door shut. I was shaking with anger that I did not notice all those "high-profile" guests at the lobby exit staring at me. I did not care. I was so mad.

Oct. 15th, 2011


Peace be with you

Greens with a backdrop of blues = ultimate de-stressor.


'Departure is better than Arrival'


People-watching can be a fun thing to do; unless you're the stalker kind then please refrain from doing so.

Feb. 11th, 2011


W:O:A ~ Fellowship of the Metalbloods

I first heard of Wacken Open Air way back 2010. One lazy afternoon, I was glued to this German TV network when I was about to flip to another channel then suddenly: I heard that very familiar soaring of Bruce Dickinson's voice. He is nonetheless, Iron Maiden's hyper frontman. Being a metalhead by blood, I hastily jumped back to that channel. Lo and behold! It was indeed Le Bruce while jumping here and there without showing any signs of atelectasis. I thought to myself, he was like that back in the 80s and still, he did not change.

Wacken Open Air is an annual heavy metal music festival held in a small farming town of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is reportedly the world's biggest gathering of metalheads.

Now one would think that this gathering would cause a riot. Indeed, yes. But a different kind of riot. In fact, W:O:A gatherings are peaceful, believe it or not. It was kind of funny actually while watching that show featuring last year's W:O:A - one scene showed the crowd of metalheads praising and singing along to the local band (composed of senior citizens) of Wacken, singing traditional/folks songs. The owner of the farm where the open air is held annually is highly respected and idolized. If he did not approve of letting the organizers use his farm for the event, W:O:A should had been nothing but a myth.

Naturally, I want to go there and be a part of it. Why? Simple. First, I'm a metalhead myself. And second, I think that by being there, I would not be such an outcast anymore (in terms of music tastes). In this modern-day world where the likes of Bieber supposedly rule, I can breathe easy there with my brothers and sisters. There, the word "rock" is untainted by the claws of commercialism. (It's always sad when people start talking about Popstar A and Popstar B and then I would butt in, "I recommend Rammstein". Silence would always ensue, their stares so shallow. They thought they had just seen Evil Agent A.)

Live rock! 

Note: W:O:A 2011's already sold out. Not my luck. Anyway, 2012 is not so far away.

Jan. 17th, 2011




There are some pictures that will leave a permanent mark on you. For me, this is one of those pictures.

This was taken a long time ago (2006?) using only a 3.1-MP camera phone, when everybody back then were not very particular with what type of camera you use, and when everybody back then were not (yet) paranoid and delusional about one thing: your pictures are good if you use a DSLR.

Honestly, I am a firm believer that a good camera is something but a person's skills taking the shot is another (great) thing. And although a DSLR is good, the SLR (using film) is much better. DSLRs are great because they are convenient and cost-efficient but nothing compares to the sophistication of film.

Nov. 7th, 2009



The transition has begun.

I will be away from cyberspace for quite some time.

So, see you around!


Oct. 10th, 2009


The Apple *bow*

I saw an apple; a really inviting apple. I thought of eating it. But lo and behold! Another hand grabbed hold of it. As I watched the apple being taken away, I sank into herzeleid.

But a voice told me, "Don't get jämmerlich."

I looked up again at the apple. Whoa! Good thing I did not touch it.

The apple can't even tolerate tanz-metal!

What a relief.


Oct. 4th, 2009


"Halt die klappe!"

Gotta learn German so I can understand Rammstein.

Sep. 16th, 2009


Eye Straining.

It's another odd evening.

Just a thought: why do "they" meddle with others' personal lives?

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